Behind every medical device, there is data

Auteur: Kim Huijing
13 september 2017 

MR-guided radiotherapy: combining two high-tech worlds sounds simple, but is it?

In a true paradigm shift allowing for better and new treatment options for cancer patients, a large collaboration project between Elekta, Philips and UMC Utrecht plus a global clinical consortium aimed to provide a diagnostic quality soft tissue visualization during state-of-the-art radiation delivery. Combining an MR and a linear accelerator (linac) for see-what-you-treat tumor irradiation required collaboration between many disciplines like clinical, software, hardware and integrated systems and different R&D sites. The bumpy road from idea to prototypes to clinical implementation and the many pitfalls and learnings will be presented. Benefits will be shown connected to design choices and clinical implementation.

In the video below you learn about Unity, The First High-Field MR-Linac System, introduced by Elekta.

Software-Centric Systems Conference 2017

Besides the presentation of Elekta there will be inspiring keynotes from Spotify and Microsoft. You can find the full conference programme for the leading software engineering conference in Europe on the website.

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